7 Ways to Winterize Your Apartment

Fight against the harsh Chicagoland winter with these 7 tips to winterizing as a renter.

Back in August we gave you ideas on how to be more energy efficient around your apartment. If you followed any of those tips, find us on Facebook and Instagram to let us know! Regardless of if you put any of those tips into practice, winter brings its own challenges for staying eco-friendly. While Aurora and the rest of the Naperville area is far enough away from Lake Michigan to skip most of the lake effect, we still get plenty of snow and cold weather to keep heaters running almost constantly throughout the winter months. That constant running is bad for both the environment and your monthly utility bills, but the good news is that with a few simple changes you can help your heater run more efficient and help both your carbon footprint and your wallet feel a little better.

1.       Check for drafts around outside doors and windows. Contact property management if the windows need re-caulked or if any outside doors are exceptionally drafty, and either invest in a draft guard or roll up a towel to place at the bottom of outside doors for smaller drafts.

2.       Install curtains as a barrier between the cold window and the warm room. Leave the curtains open throughout the day to allow the sun to warm the room naturally, and close them at night to keep the warmth in.

3.       Clean your vents to promote airflow. Dust, cobwebs, and other items can build up in vents and prevent the heater from working efficiently. Take a few minutes and use a vacuum attachment or duster to clear away any accumulation.

4.       Make sure nothing is blocking vents. Once you clean them and have them working well, make sure you don’t have any furniture on top of or in front of the vents. If necessary rearrange your furniture to promote airflow and keep your heater from running constantly.

5.       Run your ceiling fan in reverse. Rather than blowing down and keeping the room cool, if you run the fan in reverse it’ll take all the warm air that’s risen to the ceiling and push it back down where you can enjoy it.

6.       Keep a humidifier running. It’s no secret that winter air is dry. It’s also a fact that wet air feels warmer. By using a humidifier you’ll be able to combat the dry air and the potential health issues that it brings, while also possible being able to turn the thermostat down.

7.       Program your thermostat to turn the heat or down while you’re at work. While it's a good idea to keep temperatures at a minimum of 64 degrees to avoid frozen pipes, there's no reason to keep an empty apartment above that! By programming your thermostat to turn the heat down while you’re away, then turn back up 30-45 minutes before you get home you’ll save that many hours of usage without even realizing it.

Is there anything else you do to keep your apartment warm in the winter? Let us know!

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